Joanne at a PetPEP presentation

AVA PetPEP is an education program developed by the Australian Veterinary Association. It involves veterinarians and teachers working together to teach primary school students about responsible pet ownership and to enhance their overall understanding of animals.

Topics covered include:

  • Behaving Safely Around Pets
  • Choosing the Right Pet
  • Being Responsible for a Pet
  • Preparing for a Pet
  • Caring for Your Pet's Health
  • Treating All Animals Well

Clayfield Veterinary Clinic is an enthusiastic supporter of the program with Joanne regularly visiting local (and not so local!) schools. Ella is also a great fan of the program and really enjoys going with Joanne on her visits.

AVA PetPEP is staffed by an Education Officer and Administration Team who assist in organising and coordinating veterinary visits to schools. Free classroom resources are provided to all schools involved in AVA PetPEP visits.

For more information visit AVA Petpep, or email

Pete relaxing after a busy PetPEP day