Senior Pet care

Old age is not a disease!

Many age related conditions can be cured or managed, with early detection and intervention giving the best results.

We consider any pet over the age of 10 to be a senior pet. Large breeds of dogs, like our own Ella, age more rapidly and would be considered senior from 7-8 years of age.

Clayfield Vet - Senior Pet Care - Meme

It is our recommendation that senior pets be examined every 6 months. Remember, our pets age much faster than we do, so 6 months of your pet’s life equates to 3-4 years of human aging.

Our senior care visits include a complete and thorough physical examination. They might also involve checking blood pressure, collecting urine and collecting blood.

Once we have a full set of results, we will discuss these with you as well as any other senior health care matters that may be of concern such as behavioural changes, arthritis prevention and treatment, skin lumps or dental problems.


Ignorance is NOT bliss. Often something as simple as dietary change, an arthritis management plan or attending to dental issues can not only make your older pet more comfortable, it can give them many extra years of quality life.


Contact us for any enquiries about our Senior Pet Care services.