Pet Export

Pet Exportation – the preparation of pets for overseas travel and AQIS Accreditation.

If a new opportunity arises in another country many people choose to take their pets with them. Most countries have entry requirements that must be met prior to export and it is advisable to investigate this as soon as you make the decision to travel. Please note that there are strict requirements that must be met before bringing pets into Australia from overseas so always consider this if you’re planning a return journey and plan ahead. Also – Start Early! Preparation for travel to some countries can take 7 months, and many countries’ requirements can take 30 to 60 days. Even if you are not sure of travelling, it is best to seek advice ASAP.

Our Vets and Veterinary Nurses are well experienced in assisting pet owners in liaising with AQIS, Pet Transport Companies and the destination country’s quarantine services thus ensuring that all export conditions are met. Please note that arranging import permits, flights, lodgement, AQIS appointments, crates etc are the responsibility of the exporter. Alternatively an export agent can organise this for you, and is likely to be a less stressful option particularly if you are trying to organise your own international move.

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