Cat Boarding Facilities at Clayfield Vet

Our new purpose built cattery provides accommodation for up to 12 cats.

Our Cat Condos are unique in their look, structure and function to any other cat enclosure on the market today.


  • Each condo has tiers for the cats to get up off the ground.
  • There is a separate ensuite litter tray room, away from the accommodation area. This enhances the level of comfort for your cat.
  • The integrated ventilation system, with each condo being ventilated continuously, means that the risk of transmission of any airborne diseases like cat flu is significantly reduced.
  • With hospital grade melamine, the condos are moisture and bacteria free and easy to clean.
  • Port holes with doors means that two condos can be opened to each other, thereby doubling the space for a single cat or allowing two cats the opportunity to “chill” with each other.
  • Tempered glass doors with vent holes for air circulation means your cat can see what’s going on without being at risk of infection.
Please contact the clinic to make a booking or for any enquiries about our Cat Boarding Facilities.
Our Cat Condos at Clayfield Vet
Purpose Built Cattery at Clayfield Vet

Your cat will be cared for by trained Veterinary Professionals.

There is a large enclosed exercise pen for daily play sessions.

Cat Boarding at Clayfield Vet
Portholes allows two condos to access each other for visits
Cat Boarding Accommodation at Clayfield Vet
Exercise Pen at our Cat Boarding at Clayfield Vet
Cat Boarding at Clayfield Vet
Cat Boarding at Clayfield Vet
Cat Boarding at Clayfield Vet