Pet Insurance

It’s a stressful time if your pet, as a beloved member of your family, is unwell or injured. In any year, one in three pets will require unplanned veterinary treatment. Ongoing advances in veterinary medicine mean that we can now provide care for pets that is very similar (or in some cases maybe even slightly better!) to what one might expect for a human. Neither you (as the owner), nor we (as the vets), want to have to consider funds as a limitation on providing the best treatment possible.

Insuring your pet means that you, as the owner, can concentrate on what’s best for your pet rather than having to worry about veterinary bills. It allows you to budget monthly rather than face unexpected costs that might not be affordable.

Of course, not all pet insurance policies are the same and you need to consider carefully what policy is going to suit your needs best.

Clayfield Vet - Pet Insurance
Clayfield Vet - Pet Insurance
What should I consider when choosing a Pet Insurance Policy?
  • Will my pet be Covered for Life? If my pet develops a condition that is likely to be on-going and complex(Diabetes for example) will the company keep paying out year after year or will that condition be excluded after a certain amount of money has been paid or time has passed? What happens as my pet ages?
  • What is covered by the policy? Some policies are accident only and are very restrictive in what can be claimed. Consider if you can claim for things like behavioural therapy or acupuncture or prescription diets. Are congenital and hereditary conditions included?
  • What will be the Excess that I have to pay? Is it fixed or variable? Am I responsible for paying a percentage of the veterinary bill?
  • Are there Sub-limits that will restrict the amount that I can claim for any one condition (some companies, for example, limit the amount you can claim for tick paralysis to $500 per year).
  • Value for Money. Some policies offer cover for routine care but be careful to ensure that you are not paying more in increased premiums than you are actually able to claim!
  • Discounts. If I have more than one pet or am a senior myself, am I eligible for a discount?


How much will Pet Insurance cost?

The cost of any policy will vary depending on the excess you select and the level of cover you choose.