Senior Stray Wins Hearts

This old Burmese cat was brought into the clinic as a stray in early December. She was found locally and we dearly hoped that her owners would turn up. Sadly, she had no collar, microchip or any form of identification. We did all the things we always do with strays – we rang all the shelters, other local vets and put her picture on Facebook. Days then weeks went by and no one claimed her.

In the meantime, we got to know her. We nicknamed her Wonky, because that’s what she was. She was a tottery old girl with an odd “tic” and a mouth full of festering and painful teeth. Despite her ailments she was a real sweetie!

So, we took some xrays to make sure her walking issues were nothing more sinister than arthritis (they weren’t), did blood and urine tests to see how her vital functions were (they were remarkably good) and then anaesthetised her and made her mouth pain and infection free. She was then vaccinated, wormed and started on arthritis medication and a special diet for arthritis.

Of course, by now we were all very fond of her, but our clinic is only big enough for one Boss cat so Pickle (as Wonky is now known) moved in with Lawrence and has become a much loved member of the Cahill household.

Clayfield Vet - Wonky Stray - Senior Stray Wins Hearts
Clayfield Vet - Wonky Cat