A Close call for Lou-Lou!

Chocolate and dogs don’t mix!

Don’t be deceived by her angelic face! Lou-Lou somehow managed to access a block of dark chocolate that was not only on a table top (well out of where one might expect her to reach!) but also under some other things. Chocolate is toxic to dogs. The darker the chocolate, the greater the danger and only a few squares were enough to cause Lou-Lou big problems. Luckily, her very concerned Grandparents (why do these things always seem to happen when someone else is looking after the pet?????) were quickly onto it and brought her straight to the clinic. She was given an injection to make her vomit and did bring up some chocolate. Nonetheless, enough was absorbed to make her very sick. An intravenous infusion of medication was required to prevent her heart going into a potentially fatal arrythmia. Luckily, all went well and she was fully recovered after a few hours of treatment (more than can be said for her poor grandparents who are still getting over the ordeal!)
Clayfield Vet - A Close call for Lou-Lou!